Adult Bib Tip #2 - Choosing Colors

Choose dark colors for bibs that you wish to use often so that the stains do not show as much after laundering.

For special occasions choose any color you wish to match the season or the outfit, knowing that staining may be a problem, if the bib is intended for regular use.



Sites with more Ideas for Bib Patterns

A Longer Adult Bib might be necessay in some situations. My patterns can be lengthened by adding extra copies of the middle sheets. I would recommend a more absorbant fabric such as terrycloth for a longer bib. A drip pocket is unnecessary with an absorbant fabric; you may want one for decorative purposses.

You can add style to the most basic bib for seniors with a little well chosen embroidery for those among you who have embriodery machines. You can see some examples at


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Blue Terry Bib Adult Pattern

Make Stylish Bibs for Adult & Senior Needs

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Make this Bib for Seniors with fabrics that are easy to sew, launder and very absorbant. This is the workhorse every day utilitarian bib. This is the kind of bib that you would make a dozen, so you would have enough to have a clean one every day and then launder them when there are enough for a load in the washing machine.

Blue Terry Pattern, Make Bibs for Seniors

Make senior bib pattern with Terrycloth as it is the most absorbant. It is also suitable to be sewn with a double layer of flannelette fabric or other absorbent fabric.
* Pre- wash fabrics

I just came accross a facebook post that suggested Polar Fleece as a suitable fabric for bibs because it is so cute and soft. I just did a test on some Polar Fleece and the water all ran off instead of being absorbed. Polar Fleece also seems to look pretty mangy after a few washes. If any of you have any experience or input, I would be interested in hearing from you. I will post your emails.


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DownLoad Pattern for Senior Bib

**Print the Pieces and Tape Them Together
Matching the Grid Lines and Letters.

Sewing Instructions:
Make a bib for seniors

Step #1

Step #2

Step # 3 Velcro


User Comment:

Bib for Emma

I wanted to thank you so much for your website of bibs. It came in so handy for me a resident at the Retirement Home that my Mother lives at wanted me to make her a bib. So I searched and found your website. I also embroidered her name on the bib. Emma was one happy lady when I took it to her at mealtime.

Thanks again

Janet Williams







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