Adult Bib Tip #7 - Cosmetics

Keep a bib in the bathroom to slip on before applying make-up.

Adult Bib Tip #10 - Choosing Fabrics

Flannelette is a great fabric, easy to sew, easily laundered and doubled pretty absorbant for drips while eating. It will not stand up to big spills, and is better for situations where the problem is smaller drips. It is good for work situations where spills are often minor; even a small drip will make you look sloppy and unprofessional.

Terrycloth is a more heavy duty solution, and comes in a variety of weights. The thicker the terrycloth the more it will absorb. If large spills are anticipated you may want to use a plastic backing. This may cause problems laundering and if the moisture rolls off the bib and lands on your carpet, it will not be a benefit.

Pastic or Vinyl is a good cover for small drips, as long as you have a drip pocket to catch excess moisture. Again if you are thinking large spills might be a problem, most of the moisture will run off onto your carpet. These bibs are to be wiped down rather than thrown in the washing machine.

*You might want to consider a plastic drop cloth, under the chair, if large spills are a regular problem.



Sites with Some Pretty Bib Patterns

This Lovely Adult Bib Pattern with a Collar is a great idea. Most of my patterns, I designed are without collars so they could be worn with a top that has a collar. If you wanted to wear one of these with a collarless t-shirt and have it look like you were wearing a shirt with a collar.

Make Pink Pretty Plaid Bib &
Clothing Protector for Adults

Make Stylish Bibs for Adult & Senior Needs

Free, Full Size, Downloadable Sewing Patterns

This is a pretty ladies adult bib pattern, perfect for special occasions. If you are going out for dinner, it would work well if you put it on at home under a jacket and then removed after dinner. This pattern could easily be dressed up to suite the styling preferred by your senior parent making her feel more comfortable in a restaurant or other public event. Lace around the yoke will dress it up even more, but will be more difficult to clean.

Make Pink Plaid Bib & Clothing Protector for Adults

This is a pretty bib, suitable for Cotton Flannelette, Tablecloth Fabric or any fabric that is soft enough to gather well and still be absorbent. It is important to choose a Fabric that launders well. * Pre- wash fabrics.

Click on the Download Button
to bring up the the PDF Version of the Pattern & save it to your computer

DownLoad Clothing Protector/ Adult Bib Pattern

**Print the Pieces and Tape Them Together
Matching the Grid Lines and Letters.

#1. Sewing Instructions:
How to Make Bib, Finished with Bias Tape

Step #1

*Cut on the inside line, as you don't seam allowances.

Step #2 Finish Body Piece

Step #3 Assemble the Yoke

Step #5 Velcro

#2. Sewing Instructions:
Make the Bib, Finished with Facings

Step #1

Step #2 Finish Body Piece

Step #3 Assemble the Yoke

Step # 5 Velcro


User Comment:

Today we were talking about adult bibs at the lunch table. One lady had a father who had a bib that had a regular shape but the right sided tab was extra long and it wrapped around the back of the neck and made a tab on the front of the left shoulder. A large button or large snap was used for the closure. Thought you might be interested.


This is a very good idea. I've seen it done but I haven't yet designed a pattern that I think would work well. My sewing machine is not good for button holes and I think that may people have trouble with them. I'm working on a easy way to do it without button holes or a lop sided piece that will be wasting fabric.




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