Adult Bib Tip #9 - Work

Hi Suze,
I use a bib at work in my one person office. I bring a nice terry kitchen towel from home and a soft crocheted cord from acrylic yarn that I connect to two clips. The cording goes around my neck and the clips attach to the towel.

The kind I used because I had some and they aren't bulky, but any clips would work.

After seeing your beautiful ideas for bibs, I am motivated to sew a prettier 'bib' of fabric to clip to for myself and gifts. Although, there are beautiful towels available.



Sites with Bibs for Men

This is a simple clothing protector idea using a large napkin size rectangle of fabric with a image of a red tie appliqued on it. You could make up a dozen of these for a spagetti party in no time.

Red Tie Senior Bib Pattern

Make Stylish Bibs for Adult & Senior Needs

Free, Full Size, Downloadable Sewing Patterns

This is a perfect party bib for dinners out. Wear it with a shirt with the colar showing. Under a jacket, it would just look just like a vest. It can be put on at home and removed quietly after the meal.

Red Tie Formal Senior Bib Pattern

This bib is suitable for Cotton Flannelette, or any fabric that has the right look, is absorbent and launders well. The pattern can be constructed with a facing or instructions for flat construction. * Pre- wash fabrics

Click on the Download Button
to bring up the the PDF Version of the Pattern & save it to your computer

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**Print the Pieces and Tape Them Together
Matching the Grid Lines and Letters.

#1. Sewing Instructions:
Make Senior Bib Pattern using a facing.

Step #1

Step #2 - Tie Piece "G"

Step #3 - Knot Piece "H"

Step #4 - Pocket Piece "I"

Step #5 Finish Body Piece

Step #6 Velcro




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