Adult Bib Tip #5 - Clothing Protectors are for Everyone

Everone is sloppy sometime. Wearing clothin protectors keep your clothing safe, even when you're not paying attention.



Sites with Some Pretty Bib Patterns

This probably the easiest way to have a bib with you and no one would even know that you are wearing a clothing protector. Just cut a piece of fabric about 12" wide and about 72" long. Wear is like a long scarf with the ends arranged to cover your clothing. You can see what it would look like at Scarf Bibs. Just make sure the fabric you use is easily laundered. A bold pattern in the fabric would hide stains.

Make Sophisticated Bibs for Adults

Make Stylish Bibs for Adult & Senior Needs

Free, Full Size, Downloadable Sewing Patterns

Make Sophisticated Bibs for Adults

Make this bib for adults or anyone who needs a bib to protect their clothing. This bib is suitable for Table Cloth fabric, flannelette, or any fabric that drapes well, is absorbent and launders well. This is the easiest and most versatile of all the bibs.

It can be used by anyone who needs to remain clean, whether at work, in the car, or eating just before they are about to go our the door.

Red Checkered Senior Bib Pattern

It's style changes dramatically with the fabric choice. A brocade tablecloth fabric creates an elegant look for work. The red checkered tablecloth fabric is bright and cheerful for spaghetti or lobster parties. A Happy Face flannelette is fun for a kids party or a plaid flannelette is calm and masculine.

Sewing Instructions:
Make a bibs for adults.

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Step #3

User Comment:

Thank you so much for these patterns. Since I am only 44 yrs old finding ones to suit my personality is an issue. Now I can get my aunt to make me some.
Jean Braswell




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